Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My last meal in Aberdeen, UK

Anyone can eat the local fare and I have tried a few things. Last night I had a British staple, Fish & Chips with mushy peas. I’ve passed on the haggis and blood pudding. I have discovered that there is a much larger selection of “chips” or crisps as they call them here. They have plain potato “crisp” although they are not too easy to find but for lunch I had broasted chicken flavored crisps. They also have Doritos with all kinds of pepper flavoring.

I went for a walk just before sundown and came upon a small neighborhood market and decided to select local junk food for dinner. Here are my selections. 1) Diet Coke, bottle in Scotland, 2) a snicker bar, packaged in Edinburgh,3) a chicken salad sandwich, made by the in store staff, but my greatest find was 4) Kettle chips with Sea Salt and Crushed Peppercorns. Mmmmmmmmmmm---Good


Anonymous said...

I bet you were thrilled!

EuroMom said...

It is interesting all the different flavor crisps they have. Did you notice they don't have preservatives or artificial coloring?