Saturday, October 10, 2009

Passing Through Holland

I just spent a couple of days in The Netherlands, not much to say about that. I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Leiden. Leiden is a nice medium size town with a windmill museum and some wonderful restaurants. However this is a working trip and every night my colleague and I stop in the Hotel Bar and ate a cheese burger, the best I’ve ever had on the continent, went to our rooms and promptly began writing reports until about 18:00 then went to bed, got up and started over.

The last day we were there we were in Delft , NL. At the end of the session, about 15:00, we raced back to the hotel in Leiden to pick up our luggage and then on to Schiphol Airport. We confused the cab driver a bit when he asked, “Which airline” and we told “none, drop us off at the train station.”

Did you know that they actually have a special lounge for first class train customers to wait on the train in? I didn’t either.

At 18:45 we boarded a bullet train for Paris. I was a very nice experience, lots of room and it had a WiFi internet connection on the train that was free.

The trip was about 4 hours long. I think it would have been better in the daylight. The only bad part of the train trip was a group of 5 drunken Americans who were very obnoxious. The term “Ugly American” came to have a real meaning for me. On top of that their train tickets were all messed up. After the very good train staff helped them with their tickets they had to move to another car. One French woman comment to me, “I know all Americans are not like that.” I thanked her for that observation and apologized for my fellow Americans. Soon my car was full because everyone was move out of the car with the drunks moved into my car.

We arrived at the Paris Nord Station about 23:45. As I was loading my bags into a cab one of the Drunks spotted me yelled as if he knew me, “We made it!”

Ignorance is bliss and 1 Euro is worth $1.47.

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EuroMom said...

Thanks for sharing. I hope you continue to blog when Clara joins you. I know sweet Clara from the library. Ugly Americans...sigh!